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The Group’s strength in coking operations have in the past enabled the Group to extend the Group’s engagement in the coking chemical value chain of the coal chemical industry through the acquisition of companies engaging in the production of upstream and downstream products in coking operations. Furthermore, in order to expand the Group’s business of benzene based chemicals, coal tar based chemicals as well as coal gas and LNG, the Group successfully acquired and consolidated the management and operations of Jinyuan Chemicals in May 2015, the management and operations of Bohigh Chemical in October 2016 and the management and operations of Jinning Energy in December 2016. Leveraging on the Group’s successful track record and past experience in extending the Group’s involvement in the coking chemical value chain, the Group is further extending the Group’s value chain from coal gas to the production of downstream energy products, mainly LNG.


  • LNG Production Facilities, Coke Granule Coal Gas Facilities and Gas Stations
  • Environment protection facilities
  • Jinma energy production control center